Sunday, December 25, 2011

XI. Existence

Going nowhere is a common term to denote a lack of progress or stagnancy. But really, no one goes to this place called "nowhere". Everyone/thing must be going somewhere. There is a destination for all of us, as persons/organisms and as a collection of atoms and molecules - we will  keep traveling. Nowhere is a logical fallacy. It is a place that doesn't exist.

Being a nobody is not an option. I may not be a great or a famous one - but I will surely not be a "nobody".  My actions don't count as nothing/ zero. I am an entity and my existence is real. It doesn't matter how I exist, only thing that matters is that I exist, even to the point when "I" simply becomes irrelevant.

We already are somewhere and we already are somebody - we may not exist in these forms in another 100 years but we will still exist someway or the other - as sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, carbon etc. Existence is so enormous - we can hardly see it beyond our little bodies, our little lives and our little world. Existence is not limited to consciousness or "life" as we understand it . Life is pretty insignificant so to speak - there are things more basic that life. The universe is much more than alive - its buzzing with activity. Its changing in a way that change is the only thing constant- what a wonderful idea !

knowing all this, yet I'm just beginning to find out .........something I can never fathom in its entirety, in my entirety, but  I am a part of it and am happy to be ..............